Math Practice Cycle

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We will be posting our plans for Instructional Activities below.  We'd love to hear comments, questions, suggestions for improvements, and stories from how you use these lessons.

Instructional Activities

Instructional Activities (IAs) are short lessons that engage secondary students in authentic mathematical work and support teachers in learning to use high leverage instructional practices.


In designing IAs we embed instructional routines, such as Launching Complex Tasks, Building Explanations, and Productive Discussions.  These instructional routines are activities that can be repeated often in secondary classrooms, provide students opportunities to engaged in key mathematical content, and supports the teacher in doing important classroom work like going over problems and collectively analyzing common errors.


Below is a (very incomplete) list of IAs we have designed for secondary classrooms.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the IAs.


Equivalent Ratios

How much money does ___oz of yogurt cost?


Completing the Square

How long will Winnie the Pooh be airborne?