Math Practice Cycle

Supporting teachers to develop skill with equitable and ambitious teaching


Classroom embedded professional development that makes a difference

Teachers and teacher candidates are often faced with the dilemma of reconciling the constraints of schools and classrooms with the principles and practices that are advanced through teacher development.  Instead of placing the burden of reconciliation on teachers, it is imperative that teacher development is more responsive to classroom constraints while simultaneously supporting and pressing teachers and teacher candidates to be more ambitious in their work and to transform the settings that they work in.

Toward this end, The Math Practice Cycle Project is cultivating a learning approach to instructional improvement; reflecting a commitment to the belief that the work of teaching demands relentless attention to both teacher learning and school settings. All professional education opportunities engage participants to consider new understandings of content, pedagogy, and means of improvement that will result in focused attention on teacher learning and evidence based improvements in student learning. In mathematics education, this includes attention to productive mathematical discourse among students and a teacher, rich tasks designed and facilitated to focus student learning on key mathematical proficiencies, and the skilled instructional practices that supports all students’ learning.